Arena paraiso canopy tour: unique tour for thrill seekers


Many canopy tours are located in different countries. A great part of the land covered in rainforests, Costa Rica alone, already offers several canopy tours that will give thrill seekers a taste of the beauty of the natural environment. A well-known tourist attraction in Costa Rica is the Arenal Paraiso canopy tour. Located at the Canyon of the Arenal River, the Arenal Paraiso canopy tour promises a view of beautiful landscapes and tropical rainforests. This tour is something worth remembering over one’s lifetime.

Not like many tours that needs a long hike, the Arenal Paraiso canopy tour already starts with a short walk that will lead you to first of the 12 platforms. Here, canopy guides will brief you with important instructions and completely check all equipment. All harnesses and equipment are of top grade to ensure your safety. At the last platform, a shuttle will be waiting with snacks that would safely transport you back to the pick up point.

Using steel cables and harnesses, a canopy tour is actually being suspended in air and whooshed to one platform to another. With 11 cables more than 350 meters long, 80 meters in height and a total of 12 platforms, Arenal Paraiso canopy tour can bring you to excellent spots that will give you a great panoramic birds-eye view of two beautiful waterfalls and a vast terrain of tropical rainforest.


The Arenal Paraiso canopy tour provides a unique approach to tourists so thay can explore the ecosystem of the Costa Rica rainforests. It is very important to preserve and protect the natural habitat and this canopy tour provides a way for people to enjoy the beauty of nature without endangering the environment.

Many people are now searching for more ways to have a break aside from the usual swimming, sight-seeing, biking, hiking, snorkeling and diving activities. The Arenal Paraiso canopy tour gives an excellent and unique adventure. The adrenaline rush of gliding, as if you’re flying, makes this one of the most remarkbale experience in a person’s life. The Arenal Paraiso canopy tour can be enjoyed by tourists from ages 8 to 70. For families and group of friends, this is great way to enjoy and collect experiences that will truly be unforgettable.


Anyone Can Afford A Discount Luxury Car Rental

Car rental companies offer vehicles across the spectrum from budget, compact, standard to luxury vehicles. Then there are also companies that specialize in luxury car rentals only. This means that whatever the needs are, there will be more than one car rental company able to fulfil those needs. The one concept that is not normally associated with luxury car rental is discount luxury car rental.

Discount is usually associated with getting a small compact car rental at a discounted price, with limitations and stipulations. So is it even possible to get discount luxury car rental deals? Yes it is and discount luxury car rental does not necessary mean a straight discount on a vehicle.

Luxury cars are expensive and to maintain them in immaculate condition means a lot of effort and money. Car rental companies are in the business to make money and not run at a loss. There are many reasons why a rental company would offer discount luxury car rental.

Various Forms Of Discount Luxury Car Rental

One reason for this is if you are a regular customer with whom they have done business in the past. If you have built up a reputation with the company for having a good credit record it shows them you are a good customer. If you always return your vehicle after the rental in good condition it means that you are a trustworthy customer. A good credit record and being a trustworthy client is reason to be offered discount luxury car rental from that company. Another form of reward from a car rental company is when they offer you discount on the insurance of the luxury car you are renting.

This means you will get all your rentals at a discounted price, which is a welcome reward for anyone. Many luxury car rental companies have a special discount they offer to customers for exclusive breakdown cover. Regular clients may also be offered a special discount luxury car rental program that brings down the rental fees. The different discount luxury car rental options are very popular with regular vacation travelers as well as small business owners.

There are discerning people who want more than the run of the mill vehicles when they do car rentals. These people are used to driving high-end vehicles in their daily lives so they prefer a luxury car rental when the need arises. There clean driving records and track record with the car rental company then puts them in line for all the various discounts offered by the luxury car rental company.

Airport Car Rental Coupons: Help to Save

Of course if you are going on travel whether it is personal or business it does not matter, you still want to save money wherever you can. Well there are a few different tips that are going to be helpful to you here, but getting airport car rental coupons is definitely one of the best things that you are going to be able to do. Even if you want to get a luxury car rental, you can still find airport car rental coupons to help you save.

Looking on the Internet is usually the best way of finding any airport car rental coupons, however you could also call around to a few different car rental companies and see what they have to say about this. That way you can see who has airport car rental coupons to offer and therefore where you are going to get the best deal.

If you are going through a travel agent for your flight, then they should be able to find airport car rental coupons for you, but there are not always coupons available, just most of the time, so keep this in mind.

Other Ways to Save Besides Airport Car Rental Coupons

Besides using airport car rental coupons, there are also a lot of other great things that you can do to save yourself money here. For instance, if your dates are flexible, then changing your dates may save you anywhere up to hundreds of dollars. A lot of people do not realize just how significant an increase there is between the weekdays and weekend for instance, so if you are able to fly through the week instead of on the weekend which is the busiest time, then you are going to save.

Also if you are able to go through a travel agent, which may cost you a bit of money initially of course, you will have someone there who is a professional and who is going to be able to work to make sure that you are getting the best possible deal.

At least it is nice to know that there are a lot of different ways that you can save here, so you never have to spend more money on your travels than you absolutely have to. A car rental does not have to cost an arm and a leg as long as you know how to find the right ones and get the best deal to save money.

Luxury Travel Vacation Ideas

If you are like most people, you could use a vacation. You might have saved up your vacation time at work and are ready to just hit the road and take the luxury travel vacation that you deserve. Here are some ideas for your luxury travel vacation.

The Beach can Turned Into Luxury Travel Vacation

Going to the beach might seem like a normal vacation, but think again! You can turn a beach vacation into a luxury travel vacation. For example, you could go to Hawaii for a luxury vacation. There are many different five star luxury suites available in Hawaii. Hawaii is, in fact, a luxury vacation in itself. There are so many different luxurious things you could do while in Hawaii that it is definitely a luxury travel vacation destination.

If you do not want to go all the way to Hawaii, there are plenty of different beaches to take your luxury travel vacation. You could go to an all inclusive beach resort in Mexico for a fraction of the price you would expect. You can also find great luxury beach vacation places in Florida or California in the United States. If you are thinking about taking your luxury beach vacation overseas, you could think about going to a beach in France or the Mediterranean. A typical beach vacation can be turned into a luxury travel vacation any time.

Major Cities For Luxury Travel Vacation

Another great luxury travel vacation idea is to go to a major city. You can go to almost any major city and experience a luxury vacation. If you want to travel far, think about going out of the country. Places like Paris or Rome cater specifically to luxury and can offer you countless luxurious options. You can book a hotel room at a five star hotel and experience all that the city has to offer. Plus, many hotels actually offer their own amenities that are luxurious by themselves. You can get a hotel that has a spa and a five star restaurant and not even have to leave the hotel if you do not want to!

The Mountains Are Good For Luxury Travel Vacation

Some of the most luxurious get away retreats are located in the mountains, far away from typical civilization. You can take these luxury travel vacations in the winter or the summer. In the winter, you can ski, snow tube, and relax in a ski lounge. There are hot tubs to warm you up and spa treatments to relax you. In the summer time, you can relax by streams and enjoy spa treatments and fine dining.

Whatever you decide to do, know that you will not regret taking a luxury travel vacation!

Finding The Best Price For Your Luxury Cruise Vacation

You have probably thought long and hard about your luxury travel vacation. You want to go somewhere exotic, but you do not want to pay an exorbitant amount for your travels. A cruise can be the best of both worlds. You can usually find a luxury cruise vacation package for a decent price, and for that price you will get to see many different exotic places and enjoy the luxury cruise ship itself!

Finding The Best Price For Luxury Cruise Vacation

You might think that finding a bargain price is going to be difficult. Think again! In today’s economy, vacations are the first to go for many people. Travel companies are well aware of this, and because of it they are offering luxury cruise vacation packages for just a fraction of the price that they used to be sold for. You can now get the luxury cruise vacation package that you want without breaking the bank.

But the question is still where to find these great bargains. Though they are out there, if you simply go to the cruise line’s website and book a vacation, you will end up paying more than you should. Instead, search around for coupons. You can look online for coupon codes for the major cruise lines. Many online websites are dedicated completely to posting coupons codes for retailers. If you find one of these, chances are you will be able to find some coupon codes for your luxury cruise vacation.

If you do not feel comfortable looking on your own, you can also look for a travel agent. Travel agents know exactly where to look and what to do to get the cheapest prices possible for any vacation, including cruises. They will know, for example, that if you go one week later than you had planned on going, you could get in on an annual sale that could save you hundreds of dollars. This is something that an ordinary individual could never have known, but your travel agent will!

On Your Luxury Cruise Vacation

When you are on your luxury cruise vacation, know that most things are included in your initial payment. Cruises are often like all inclusive resorts. Instead of paying or your entertainment and your dinner and your room, you will be paying one price for all of that. The only thing that is usually not included in the price is alcohol.

So go ahead and purchase a luxury cruise vacation package! You will be able to go to exotic places and enjoy a fantastic, relaxing vacation.

How To Get Airport Discount Car Rental

Car rental is an important part of travelling, whether you are travelling from one state to another or from one country to another. Car rental offers you the option to get from point A to your destination without the hassles of public transport systems. Not only are the public transport systems a hassle, no matter how good they are, but they do not always cater to your specific travel needs.

They cannot take you sight seeing and they do not make stops where you want to park off for lunch or a rest stop. Therefore, car rentals are your own transport in a foreign country or state and it is simply more luxurious because of the fact that you have full control, even if you are driving a ordinary car. We all know that airport car rental is expensive, but there are ways to save money with airport discount car rental.

Airport Discount Car Rental And Road Affordability

One of the easiest ways to land airport discount car rental is to take an all inclusive travelling package. This will often offer you discounts on your car rental, airfares and on your accommodation, all at the same time. However, these all inclusive packages are sometimes restrictive and don’t satisfy your travel needs. But don’t give up; there are other ways of getting airport discount car rentals. Another way to score is to choose a car rental company that has a widespread international network. This will offer you the use of the same car rental company in many states and many countries.

What this means to you is the opportunity to build up a loyal relationship with your car rental company. This often leads to special frequent travel freebies such as airport discount car rental and much more. Another place to look for airport discount car rental deals is on car rental websites. There are many rental websites that will offer you a section for discounts, specials and deals. Some of these deals may include airport discount car rental packages.

You can browse through the deals and specials to see if there are any interesting offers available. It is also ideal that you browse more than one website. That way you get an idea of what going rates are, what is cheap and when they are passing expensive off as affordable. You can browse around and do comparative shopping. You will find the airport discount car rental deal that suits your needs and your pocket the best. Any money saved is a lot saved.

Taking A Luxury Beach Vacation

If you want to have a relaxing yet fun vacation, you should think about taking a luxury beach vacation. A beach vacation is perfect because there are so many things to do on your beach vacation. You can go out to the ocean and swim or simply relax on the beach all day. When you turn your ordinary beach into a luxury beach vacation, you open the door to countless possibilities for fun and relaxation!

Getting A Luxury Beach Vacation At Good Price

The first thing you need to think about before embarking on your luxury beach vacation is booking your vacation. There are a ton of different places to look for your beach vacation. If you are looking to rent a five star hotel suite for your luxury vacation, you can most likely find that on line. However, if you go on line, you are not going to know for sure that you are booking the luxury beach vacation of your dreams. The best way to book your luxury beach vacation and get the best price for it is to go through a travel agent. A travel agent will know all of the best deals and sales available and will be able to get you the absolute best vacation package for the lowest price possible. Plus, you will not have to stress at all about planning your vacation!

What To Do In Luxury Beach Vacation

Once you have planned your luxury vacation at the beach and are getting ready to leave, you might be wondering what exactly you’re going to do for the entire vacation. After all, you cannot simply lie out on the beach all day for a week, can you? Well yes, you can! If your idea of luxury is simply lying on the beach with a drink in your hand, you can do that on your luxury beach vacation. You can treat it like a luxury cruise vacation: simply lie there and let the staff bring you what you need.

But if you seek more fun and adventure on your vacation, know that there are plenty of things to do. If you want to have a relaxing and fun luxury beach vacation, talk to your travel agent about booking a vacation at an all inclusive beach resort. These resorts offer tons of fun and relaxation. You can go to a spa at the resort, then go horseback riding, then lounge in the pool or at the beach. There are five star restaurants, entertainment, and anything you could ask for on your luxury beach vacation!

What To Consider When Looking For Family Vacation Spots Abroad

Are you planning to take your whole family on a vacation abroad? If you are planning to take your family on vacation abroad, you should find a good family vacation spot where all of you can have some fun. There is plenty of interesting family vacation spots around the world but some of these family vacation spots may be out of your budget range. Remember that some of the most beautiful and exotic places in the world are very expensive and unless you have plenty of money to spare, you do not really want to take your family to these very expensive family vacation spots. To help you find affordable family vacation spots, here are some tips for you.

Family Vacation Spot: Think Of Safety

Not all places around the world are safe. Time and again we hear stories about people being harmed while taking vacations abroad so you need to be extra careful when it comes to selecting a family vacation spot abroad. Learn as much as you can about that certain family vacation spot before you take your family there. No, you should not just rely on the information given by your travel agency about the place. Remember that the travel agent is trying to sell you something so he or she will always tell you nice things about the family vacation spot. Instead of relying on the information provided by your travel agent, do your own research. When doing your research, pay close attention to travel advisories. As much as possible, avoid going to those areas which are politically unstable. You should also avoid places which are known for some dangerous diseases.

Family Vacation Spot: Think Of Convenience

You need to make sure that your whole family will be comfortable in the place where you are going. Ask your kids if they are amenable to your choice of a family vacation spot before you call the travel agency and book your reservations. Remember that this vacation is not just about you so you need to consult the rest of the family if they like the idea of spending their vacation in the place of your choice. If you family members are not happy about your choice, you may have to make some concessions.

Family Vacation Spot: Think Of The Cost

Cost is always a big consideration when you travel abroad especially if you have a big family. To make sure that you do not run out of money in the middle of your vacation, do some research on the prices of commodities in the place where you are going.

Cheap Family Vacation: Taking A Vacation Amidst The Recession

Going on vacation during a recession is not a bad idea. Your employer will be happy to give you some time off to ease the payroll budget a little so you will not have any problems convincing your boss to let you take a few days off. On the other hand, since there are only a few people who are going on vacation these days, most hotels and resorts are offering cheap family vacation packages these days. Since there are so many hotels and resorts that are offering cheap family vacation packages, you have plenty of choices when it comes to vacation accommodations. It is therefore up to you to select cheap family vacation packages that suit your family.

Hunting For The Cheap Family Vacation Packages

Before you start hunting for cheap family vacation packages it is important to select a family vacation spot first. Find a good place where you and your family can spend your vacation. No, you do not have to go far away from home. There are plenty of vacation spots around the country that are near where you live. Staying in a resort which is just a few miles away from home will help you save on travel cost. On the other hand, if you do not like the idea of spending your vacation too close to home, you can always spend your vacation in another state. The good thing about spending your vacation within the country instead of going abroad is that you can save money on travel expenses and at the same time help the economy. Remember that every dollar that you spend can already help to keep the economy.

Once you have selecting a vacation place, you may now start hunting for cheap family vacation packages. You may start hunting for cheap family vacation packages on the internet. When hunting for cheap vacation packages online check out the popular online travel and tour agencies first. Popular online travel and tour companies are more reliable than those unknown ones and these companies are more likely to give you the best cheap family vacation packages. Check out some of the family vacation packages that these companies have to offer and then compare these packages first before you buy any of these cheap family vacation packages. No, you do not have to go for the cheapest vacation package. What you need to do is to find a vacation package that suits your needs and is just within your budget range.

Use Avis To Find The Best SUV Car Rental Deals

If you think that renting an SUV is fun and you also think that you really want to drive SUVs such as Chevrolet Suburban or Pontiac Vibe or even GMC Acadia then you need to check out Avis where you can find some outstanding SUV car rental deals. At Avis you can be sure of saving your hard earned money because this is a car rental agency that offers the best SUV car rental deals in the form of special discounts and best rates on a variety of SUV rentals.

Variety Of Models To Choose SUV Car Rental Deals

You can choose from a variety of SUVs including four by four models and four door full-size ones as well as from premium SUVs and even two door models. Coupled with the best SUV car rental deals from Avis and with an SUV of your liking you can hit the roads and have a great adventurous time in cruising about town or taking in some serious outdoor activities.

The best thing about Avis SUV car rental deals is that you can choose to rent a rugged SUV or one with 4×4 drives. What’s more, you could also enjoy the feeling of a sports car and for that Avis offers some great SUV car rental deals in the form of luxury SUVs. You have many options in regard to type of SUV and once you get in you are assured of a truly adventurous and exciting time.

When you deal with Avis for your SUV car rental deals you are assured of getting their special web-only SUV rental rates and even better, there is also no need to stand in line at a rental corner when you arrive to pick up your SUV. So, pack your suitcase get your friends along and get the most out of your SUV car rental deals from Avis. Each SUV is sure to have air conditioning, power brakes and air bags as well as automatic transmission as well as XM radio. Why look elsewhere when you will be getting the best SUV car rental deals from Avis?

It also pays to look for discount car rentals which are one of the best ways to save money on car rentals. All you need to do is find discount coupons, become a member of a car rental agency and avail of their frequent renter programs and you can also avail of business discounts which are available to employees of large corporations that frequently rent cars.