Let’s do the congo trail canopy tour for an unforgettable experience

Do you need to see more spots than the usual vacation places like beaches, resorts, parks or log cabins? Then grab your bags and book a flight to one exotic destination- Costa Rica. Costa Rica, why? Simple because the Congo trail canopy tour is a unique trip that plunges a city dweller into a different experience. The Congo trail canopy tour is offered in Artola, province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Taking a break at Costa Rica alone is fulfilling since it’s one of the greenest country in the planet with abundant flora and fauna.

Millions of people who have experienced the congo trail canopy tour attests to the beauty of the place despite that the fact that teh place maybe dry. When this happens, the temperatures can be high so make sure you bring very comfortable clothing that’s suited for zip lines and rapelling. It is valuable to understand that the Congo trail canopy tour is mostly zip line activity above the forest on great heights. Visitors have to take a 45 minute-trip from Playa Conchal or Playa Flamingo. It’s a bumpy road but it’s worth the effort as soon as you get to hang upside down on a zip line. Be like Spiderman but you have to shell extra $50 for the add-on experience.

The Congo trail canopy tour is also very safe since the cables are made from good quality. A short lecture on safety rules and proper handling of equipment is necessary so participants even children as young as 8 years old can be safe. Even senior citizens can meet the physical requirements of the Congo trail canopy tour since the staff are very helpful and encouraging. Just remember that the location is situated on a dry forest. So bring cool shirts, comfy footwear and insect repellants too.

What makes the Congo trail canopy tour different from other tours? Well, there are many monkeys on the trees that would join you in your zip line adventures. Although it seems scary to cross 11 tree lines, even individuals who dislike heights can finish the trail. Truly, aside from a t-shirt, you’ll bring home unforgettable memories after this congo trail canopy tour experience.