The Benefits Of A Disney Vacation Package

When people are choosing where to spend their family vacation each year, usually the first place that they think of is a Disney vacation package. It is not hard to imagine why because advertisements for a Disney vacation package are played on commercials, seen in television shows, and advertised in newspapers across the country with amazing frequency. Although there are many benefits to choosing a Disney vacation package for your vacation, there are also some negative aspects of choosing these Disney packages to spend your precious vacation time in.

The Pros Of Disney Vacation Package

Choosing a Disney vacation package for your vacation is possibly the safest vacation choice that you can make because you will know exactly what you are getting into for your vacation. A Disney vacation package is designed to appeal to a wide range of vacationers because there is typically something for everyone located at the destination. There will be some attractions geared towards adults and some geared towards teenagers but the majority of the attractions will be designed to entice children with lots of activities to keep them occupied.

Another benefit of choosing a Disney vacation package for your family vacation is that you will generally have a wide array of locations to visit on your package. People that are interested in seeing the three major theme parks can choose a package that includes tickets to just these theme parks, while people that prefer to do and see many more attractions find that packages that include tickets to some of the smaller theme parks as well fit their needs for their vacation the best. Even people that are looking for a cheap Disney vacation will be able to find a package that is just right for them and their family.

Choosing a Disney vacation package for your vacation will give you a wide variety of entertainment options during your time at Disney World. If the visitor is interested in fine dining or live music, chances are that there will be a place to satisfy that need somewhere near to your hotel. Many people choose to get a brochure about the attractions available prior to purchasing their Disney vacation package so that they can choose their activities and dining spots before they leave home.

The Cons Of Disney Vacation Package

If you want an exciting and unique vacation, then a Disney vacation package is not the way to go as many of these packages have been streamlined to appeal to a large number of people. Although the attractions available with these packages may be new to you, these packages generally attract hundreds of thousands of visitors to the destination each year so chances are that someone that you know has already been and has done everything that you are planning to do. For a truly unique experience, you may have to find a type of vacation package that not as popular around the country.

Another negative aspect about a Disney vacation package for many people is the fact that many of these Disney locations are very crowded and expensive during peak travel times, which is when many people choose to take their vacations. Some popular packages raise their prices significantly during these peak times and the prices of the package rooms can double within the space of a month. Add this to the crowds that can be expected at the destination and the Disney vacation package may not seem like such an attractive option.